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Technology solutions for greater business efficiencies and growth across Cloud, ERP, Web, Mobile and IOT for Enterprises,SMEs and Startups.

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Our Services & Solutions

Building transforming technology solutions across Cloud, ERP, Web, Mobile, and IOT for Enterprises, SMEs and Startups.


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Manage manufacturing, inventory, sales, purchase, marketing, logistics, accounting and more to seamlessly integrate all departments under single business platform that allows greater efficiency and happier workforce.


Business Intelligence (BI) Solutions

Get insights from your data in matter of minutes. Visualise your data in beautiful reports and graphical visualisation to get a 360 degree view of your business with our Business intelligence tools.


Business Process Management (BPM)

Create tailored and engaging workflows for all your processes to improve your lead times and go digital with our Business process management solutions. Delight your customers with speed and accuracy of your operations .


Multi System Integration

Leverage existing applications and their capability to integrate with other applications and get more out of your existing software investments. Our scalable and feasible integration solutions allow seamless data exchange and automation.


eCommerce Solutions

Utilise our eCommerce platforms to provide rich online shopping experience to your customers or leverage our B2B eCommerce solutions to provide policy based ordering interfaces for your partner, dealers, distributors and retailers.


Internet of Things (IoT)

Leverage embedded sensors technology in wide variety of applications to keep track of assets, perform digital monitoring, alerts and business application integration with our Internet of things solutions for your various business needs.


Web Development

Bring your SaaS and other application ideas to life on the web with our custom web development services to solve problems for you or your customers. With our long list latest front-end, backend and API technologies.we build or re-engineer bespoke Apps.


Mobile Apps

Benefit from the power of mobile first experience and deliver full capabilities through mobile apps for your internal workforce or enrich your customer interactions with our mobile development solutions that provide development capability on all .


Consulting and Audit

Get your current technology stack evaluated or work with us to create a strategy or technology roadmap for your organisation. Our technology consulting service provide goal based assesment and actionable roadmap for your technology requirements.

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About Team Solotusk

We believe that real value comes in developing solutions that satisfy and augment human needs.

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We Believe
Innovative solutions come from simple approach and focus on problem solving.

After years of experience in various industries, we thought we would implement and share our knowledge by building solutions for companies that are looking to transform their business for greater efficiencies and growth. Our mission is to provide timely, robust and scalable solutions via technologies that are proven and methodologies that are effective which can provide opportunities for growth and efficiency.

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We aim to deeply understand your business challenges and implement solutions that boost efficiency and growth.

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